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How Can You Spot a PC Support Scam Attempt? Here Are Some Clues to Help You:
Clue #1: THEY called YOU
This is the biggest tip-off of the scam. Microsoft, Dell, or any other major company's tech support organization is not likely going to waste their resources to call you. If you have tech support problems, they know that you will call them. They are not going to go looking for trouble. The scammers will tell you that they are doing this is a "public service". Don't buy into this, it's complete BS.
Clue #2: The Caller ID Says MICROSOFT, TECH SUPPORT, or Something Similar and Appears to Originate From a Legitimate Number
This is another key part of the scam. What's the first thing you check when the phone rings? The caller ID information, of course. This information is what helps the scammer establish legitimacy. Your brain tells you that the caller ID info validates the claims of the caller so they must be for real, right? WRONG. The scammers are trying to build a pretext for their scam.

If someone was trying to scam you in person, they would wear a tech support badge. Spoofed caller ID information is just like putting on a fake badge, it looks legit, so many people believe it. Spoofing Caller ID info is extremely easy via Voice Over IP technology, Check out our article on Caller ID Spoofing for full details on how the process works.
There are several free remote connection software packages that are completely legitimate tools designed for remote tech support. Some of the more popular ones used by the BOTH scammers & genuine support companies include Ammyy, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Rescue, and GoToMyPC.
The quickest way to get these idiots off the phone is to tell them that you don't have a computer at all.As with any scam, there will be new variants as the scam is refined, so be on the lookout for new tactics, but the basic clues above will probably remain unchanged.
Now, how do you tell a scammer apart from the Genuine Deal? Well first things first, the GENUINE DEAL will always offer you a FREE ONE TIME SERVICE. Scammers don’t want to fix anything on your computer, they want to make it more difficult for you to use your computer so that you are forced to buy one of their packages. The Genuine Deal will offer you a FREE ONE-TIME FIX, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.
Once the FREE servicing is done, you will have the option of calling the Genuine Support Company back in a couple of days to avail of a discount on the various yearly packages that they have. To try out a GENUINE PC SUPPORT COMPANY, try or fell free to call them on 1-888-961-4986 with the DISCOUNT CODE (enter your agent tracker code here) to avail of the FREE ONE TIME FIX.slnk214354 10-06-2014

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